Today's a Romans 8:28 Kind of Day

And it’s not just because of the date—August 28, or more clearly, 8/28. It’s not even because of the time I’m posting this blog (at 8:28 PM)—WordPress scheduling for the win, ha. No, today just so happens to be an important milestone day, regarding this site. After a few weeks of debugging server configuration, browser rendering, and miscellaneous other issues that dared to rear their head after I uploaded my site (after so much time spent on debugging on my own computer, too!), I’m finally ready to share the site with the whole world. Tonight, I’m officially opening the site up to Google and the other search engines, so they can index it, and thereby allow people like you to find it—yay! This day has taken way too long to arrive, as far as I could ever tell, anyway. I definitely had no plans or intentions of taking so long (six months since I first began work on the site) to get my site fully up and running (and visible on the web), but perhaps it was God’s plans and timing. Little coincidences (God-incidences?) like today’s, help to remind me of the wonder, mystery, and joy of knowing God. I may plan one thing, while He plans something completely different, and better. That’s God for you.

What reminders (little or big), do you get of God’s love, sovereignty, mercy (or any other attribute you may think of)? Feel free to share them below!

Now that I’m completely done (as far as I can tell, and for the time being, anyway) with web site setup and debugging, I can hopefully turn more of my attention to actually writing for the site. Stay tuned, as I plan on starting my music reviews section soon, as well as beginning my special look back on my childhood favorite songs, and anything else I feel like writing, heh. I believe God may be up to something big through me in this…won’t you join along with me?

“[W]e know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” So goes that familiar verse of Romans 8:28. God, may whatever I do, in this life that You gave me, always seek to glorify You and promote good for whoever I come in contact with. In the name of Your Son, Jesus, amen!