On The Number Twelve…

Twelve…it is certainly a most interesting number, for a number of reasons. Let me list a duodecad of them:

  1. It is the largest one-syllable number.
  2. It is a sublime number, literally and mathematically. It is only one of two such numbers.
  3. It is traditionally the highest number on the Beaufort wind scale (Force 12 represents hurricane strength winds.)
  4. It is the number of Federal Reserve districts and the most common number of jurors on a jury in the USA.
  5. It is the age represents the last year of childhood before the teen years.
  6. It is the number of months in most calendars (duh).
  7. It is the number of inches in a foot (double duh!)
  8. It is the number of hours in each half-day (triple duh!)
  9. It is the number of days of Christmas (quadruple duh!!!)
  10. It is the number of apostles Jesus had.
  11. It is the age that Jesus began questioning the scholars of his day. (source)
  12. It is overall a perfect number—perhaps not mathematically, but Biblically.

So there you have it, 12 reasons why the number 12 is an interesting number. Of course, there are more. However, what’s the point of this? It sounds like I’m giving some school lesson, doesn’t it? Ha. Well, fret not—12 is also personally interesting to me, beyond any scholarly reason I could give.

For one example, 12 is the age I discovered a love for music, and began charting my favorite songs. This was 12 years ago. It’s definitely been a storied dozen years, and as part of my site’s launch, I want to do a special look back on this half of my life. So, in honor of my 24 years, I plan on starting a “Top 240 Songs Of My Life” or something like that, in the hopefully not-too-distant future, to reflect on music’s impact on my life these past 12 years. It would be my first ever chart covering more than one year. However, before that, I plan on starting something else first…

Ten years ago this summer was when I ended my first chart, a written weekly Top 200 (later Top 100), catering exclusively to my secular music tastes of the time. I’ve kept those charts (minus the ones I’ve lost along the way) stashed away, never thinking I’d revisit them, especially after making a near-total transition to Christian music starting in 2004, when I began my online charts. However, I’m thinking it’d be fun (well, maybe embarrassing at times, heh), to explore what music I was into way back then, back when I had a smaller (though arguably brighter) view of the world, and when common innuendos in song lyrics usually flew over my head (oh, boy…) I know I’m gonna blush at several songs I used to love as a pre-teen / early teen (and you may too—who knows, haha.) But, maybe it’ll be helpful to know where I’ve come from… I certainly didn’t start out with any familiarity toward Christian music. In fact, it was a few “crossover” songs that bolstered my desire to immerse myself in the genre, starting after Christmas 2003. I was even surprised in 2004, when I heard a particular song on 104.7 The Fish that I had heard on mainstream radio back in 2000/2001 (and ranked well on my chart then). What is that song? Well, you’ll just have to find out later, when I reveal it ☺

So, with that all said, before I begin my special Top 240 chart, I’m gonna do a “Top 120 Childhood Favorites” chart, covering 2000 through mid-2002. Be on the lookout for both charts! I plan on starting the Top 120 later in the month September eventually, although hopefully soon, while the Top 240, I may begin late in the year or early 2013 hope to finally begin later in 2013, as a build-up to my 500th chart week special in the summer. Stay tuned!