[downhere] — Ending really is Beginning

So, I just found out recently that one of my favorite bands, downhere, will be taking a break starting next year. This leaves me feeling bittersweet—looks like the band behind powerful songs such as A Better Way and Here I Am, will not be making any new music. Hopefully, I’ll get to see them on tour sometime this autumn, before they hang it up. Are there any downhere fans here? If so, how has their ministry impacted you?

Your fans will miss you, downhere. May this ending, be a wonderful beginning of something new. God has ministered powerfully through you all, and I believe He will continue doing so, whatever you all do next.

Check out downhere’s site for their official announcement, and feel free to stream A Better Way and Here I Am below. A Better Way was the first #1 debut for a Christian song on August 5, 2006 (Chart #136), and the second #1 debut overall in my Top 50 era. The song went on to spend a record 70 consecutive weeks on top, netting it #1 on my year-end chart for both 2006 and 2007. To me, it is their signature song, and one that helped me tremendously as a younger Christian facing intense questions about God’s love. Here I Am also proved similarly helpful to me in 2008. It was a #1 debut on July 12, 2008 (Chart #237), a tumultuous summer in a crazy year seeing almost 10 songs reach the top (most years average fewer than 5). Despite the year’s chaos, the song stayed #1 for 17 total weeks, enough to earn it #1 for 2008. This made downhere the only band to have a #1 song on my year-end charts for three years in a row. Plus, they are the only band to have scored more than one #1 debut so far…record achievers, indeed. My Top 50 chart will surely miss them ☹