Music Charts

#485: Apr 14 - 20, 2013

Chart At A Glance

  • My Top 5 stands still once again, but this time, that is the only calm section on my chart.
  • Action abounds this week on the rest of the chart, and in the chaos, several songs are hit hard with 5 to 7 point losses in rank.
  • However, a number of songs see some nice rises, too, including Tenth Avenue North’s latest, “Worn”, which steps up into my Top 10 at #10, and RED’s “Buried Beneath”, a song that’s been sort of a slow riser. It’s been hanging out in the upper teens and lower twenties for a while, but now it’s up 4 spots to a new peak of #14. Potential Top 10? We shall see in the coming weeks.
  • Further down, Heath McNease makes a 9 point leap to #24 with his somber video hit, “Groundhog Day”, and even further down, Jason Gray wastes no time jumping another 7 spots to #33 with “Nothing Is Wasted”.
  • Rounding out the chart news, Third Day scores the only debut, way up at #17 with “Time’s Running Out On Me”. KJ-52 also re-enters (again) with “Dangerous” down at #49.

Top 50

Rank This WeekRank Last WeekSong Title, by Artist
For visual browsers only, Bullets (e.g., ▲ and ▼) appear on songs seeing a gain or loss of interest, regardless of movement. Upward bullets show gains—white for slight gains, aqua for high, and gold for very high. Downward bullets show losses—grey for slight losses, purple for high, and black for very high. “Jump Of The Week” and “Fall Of The Week”, when present, indicate songs with the biggest change in interest. Finally, songs below #50 become recurrents after 25+ weeks charting, or after 40+ weeks if they never peaked above #26. For more details, see my chart methodology.
11Song Of The Caged Bird [Instrumental], by Lindsey Stirling
22Crystallize [Instrumental], by Lindsey Stirling
33I Need A Miracle, by Third Day
44Time (Spiral Galaxy Mix), by The Washington Projects
55Blessings, by Laura Story
67Passing Time [Instrumental], by Paul Cardall
76Elements [Instrumental], by Lindsey Stirling
88What Love Really Means, by JJ Heller
99Pieces, by RED
1013Worn, by Tenth Avenue North
  • Jump Of The Week
1110We Fall Apart, by Bebo Norman
1211What Child Is This [Instrumental], by Lindsey Stirling
1312Bruises And Scars, by Shake The Nation
1418Buried Beneath, by RED
1517Waiting For The Day, by Naomi Carroll
1614Zi-Zi’s Journey [Instrumental], by Lindsey Stirling
17Time’s Running Out On Me, by Third Day
  • Highest Debut
1815Remind Me Who I Am, by Jason Gray
1916If I Ever Needed Grace, by Jimmy Needham
  • Fall Of The Week
2023The Motions (Acoustic), by Matthew West
2121Restless, by Switchfoot
2224Growing Young, by Curt Collins
2320Lucy, by Skillet
2433Groundhog Day, by Heath McNease
2522We Found Love, by Lindsey Stirling with Alisha Popat
2619Difference, by Bobby Tinsley
2728Hold Me Now, by RED
2831Bombs Away, by Jonathan Thulin with Rachael Lampa
2925The Right Time, by Warren Barfield
3026Heaven, by Wakeup Starlight
3127Perfect Life, by RED
3232You’re Not Alone, by Marie Miller
3340Nothing Is Wasted, by Jason Gray
3430Forgiveness, by Matthew West
3529Lead Me (Acoustic Version), by Sanctus Real
3638Ships In The Night, by Mat Kearney
3736You Are Loved (Don’t Give Up), by Josh Groban
3835Losing, by Tenth Avenue North
3934Brave, by Josh Groban
4046Part That Won’t Let Go, by Wavorly
4145Someone Worth Dying For, by MIKESCHAIR
4244Simple Days, by B.Reith
4341Gold, by Britt Nicole
4437Miracle, by Sara Groves
4547Let It Go, by Mandy Gawley
4639Walk On The Water (Acoustic), by Britt Nicole
4748Hello, My Name Is, by Matthew West
4842Scars, by Jonny Diaz
49Dangerous, by KJ-52
  • Top 50 Re-Entry
5043Words, by Hawk Nelson with Bart Millard
Recurrents & Closecalls
5150Who You Are, by JJ Heller
5249Hole In The World, by Point Of Grace
53Broken Heart, by Evan Craft with Lauren Thurston and Qis Walker
54Blush, by Annie Moses Band
55Masquerade, by The Alumni
56Where I Belong, by Building 429
57Angels In The Snow, by Erica Lane
58The Broken, by Bebo Norman
59Hope Will Lead Us On, by BarlowGirl
60Stars Align [Instrumental], by Lindsey Stirling
61My One And Only, by Rachael Lampa
62Get Well, by Icon For Hire
63It’s Alright, by Json with MIKESCHAIR
64Save A Life, by Manic Drive
65Little Balloon, by Jenny & Tyler
66Good To Be Alive, by Jason Gray
Songs Waiting In The Wings
67God I Look To You [Instrumental], by Bethel Music
68Hey There, by Karyn Williams with Michael Tait
69Spiral, by Andy Hunter with Beth Bullock
70Tell The World, by Lecrae
71Missing, by For King & Country
72Promises, by Sanctus Real
73Stand, by Britt Nicole