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Lifesongs #465b: Nov 18 - 24, 2012

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Album | Year (May be estimated)
11Autumn [Instrumental], by Ryan Stewart
Equanimity | 2008
22Watching The Clock [Instrumental], by David Nevue
The Vigil | 1999
33Solitude [Instrumental], by Norm Hastings
Deep Within | 2010
44Someone Searching, by Ginny Owens
Without Condition | 1999
55Love Me, by JJ Heller
Only Love Remains | 2006
68Rise Up, My Love, by Bill Douglas
A Place Called Morning | 2001
76I Don’t Belong (Sojourner’s Song), by Buddy Greene
The Best Of Buddy Greene | 2006
87Would It Matter, by Skillet
Awake | 2009
911Winter Dreams [Instrumental], by David Arkenstone
Snowfall | 2010
109How I Ended Up Here, by Jason Gray
Everything Sad Is Coming Untrue | 2009
1110I Haven’t Been Myself, by John Reuben and Adrienne Camp
Professional Rapper | 2003
1212Who Will Cry For Me?, by Kate Miner
Prodigal Martha | 2005
1313Lift My Head, by AJ Cheek
The Art Of Letting Go | 2010
1414To Fly [Live], by Cindy Morgan
Listen | 1996
1515My Eyes Are Dry, by Keith Green
The Greatest Hits | 1978
1616Stone, by Michael Sweet
Truth | 2001
1718Together All Alone, by Bob Bennett
Matters Of The Heart | 1981
18The Stone Angel [Instrumental], by Paul Cardall
The Christmas Box | 1997
1919Mourning/Rebirth [Instrumental], by David Nevue
While The Trees Sleep | 1995
2020Memories [Instrumental], by Ryan Stewart
Equanimity | 2008