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#365b: Top 50 Lifesongs Of 2010 (Stats Version)


  • Unlike my regular charts, this one starts at the bottom (#50) and works its way up
  • Songs with italicized ranks charted 15-24 weeks in 2010; songs with silver italic ranks charted 25-34 weeks, and songs with gold italic ranks charted 35-52 weeks
  • You may view the lyrics and media version of this page, with additional information such as album titles and images, and links to lyrics and audio samples

Top 50

RankSong Title, by ArtistYear Peak- Weeks At Peak
50Would It Matter, by Skillet2-1
492009: #6The Unwinding Cable Car, by Anberlin16-2
48Drive, by Incubus13-1
47Faith [Live], by Jason Upton14-1
462009: #11Cold, by Marie Miller16-5
45Missing Person, by Michael W. Smith14-1
442009: #16Forgiveness, by Jim Witter13-2
432009: #13 | 2008: #48Drifter, by DecembeRadio15-7
42Hold The Light, by Caedmon’s Call4-2
412009: #21 | 2008: #24I’m Not Alright [Acoustic], by Sanctus Real9-2
40If Today Was Your Last Day, by Nickelback6-1
392009: #10 | 2008: #3Growing Young, by Rich Mullins14-7
38I Believe I Can Fly, by R. Kelly3-1
37 2008: #19Hands (Christmas Version), by Jewel7-2
36Things Left Unsaid (Acoustic), by Disciple8-2
352009: #9Someone Searching, by Ginny Owens11-2
34Broken [Radio Version], by Lifehouse16-4
33 2008: #8True Colors, by Phil Collins7-1
32Emmanuel, God With Us, by Point Of Grace6-2
31Life Afraid, by Dalton8-1
302009: #7Resurrection, by Nicol Sponberg7-2
29We Are The Reason, by Avalon4-2
28 2008: #14Go Light Your World, by Kathy Troccoli9-1
27 2008: #21His Love Was Reaching, by David Meece8-5
26Livin’ In The Rain, by Jeff & Sheri Easter10-4
25Searching For The Past [Instrumental], by Secret Garden4-6
242009: #8Above It All, by Building 42911-5
232009: #12 | 2008: #2This Used To Be My Playground, by Madonna6-5
22Life Ain’t Always Beautiful, by Gary Allan3-1
21Almost A Whisper [Instrumental], by Yanni5-3
202009: #2 | 2008: #4Reflection, by Christina Aguilera4-5
192009: #3I Haven’t Been Myself, by John Reuben and Adrienne Camp2-5
18Not Too Far From Here, by Hilary Weeks6-1
17His Life For Mine, by The Talley Trio5-2
16Memories Of Mother [Instrumental], by Jack Lenz2-6
15It Might Be Hope, by Sara Groves1-1
14The Gift, by Aselin Debison1-4
132009: #18 | 2008: #26Place In This World, by Michael W. Smith5-1
12Who Will Cry For Me?, by Kate Miner3-2
11You’ll Get Through This, by Greg Long3-1
102009: #5Why? [Live], by Nichole Nordeman3-1
9Stained Glass Masquerade, by Casting Crowns3-3
82009: #4My Eyes Are Dry, by Keith Green3-11
72009: #1I Miss The Way, by Michael W. Smith1-13
6Love Me, by JJ Heller2-3
5Something To Say [Acoustic], by Matthew West5-9
4Yours And Mine, by The Isaacs2-1
3Love Can Build A Bridge, by The Judds1-17
2Wings, by Alberto and Kimberly Rivera1-4
1To Fly [Live], by Cindy Morgan1-13