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Lifesongs #341b: Jul 4 - 10, 2010

Rank This TimeRank Last TimeSong Title, by Artist
Album | Year (May be estimated)
11Love Can Build A Bridge, by The Judds
Love Can Build A Bridge | 1990
22To Fly [Live], by Cindy Morgan
Listen | 1997
33Wings, by Alberto and Kimberly Rivera
Captured | 2006
44Yours And Mine, by The Isaacs
Heroes | 2004
57Almost A Whisper [Instrumental], by Yanni
Reflections Of Passion | 1990
66Why? [Live], by Nichole Nordeman
This Mystery | 2000
75Something To Say, by Matthew West
Something To Say | 2008
89Life Afraid, by Dalton
Taste The Sky | 2006
98His Life For Mine, by The Talley Trio
The Message | 2005
1010You’ll Get Through This, by Greg Long (Also by Martina McBride [2000])
Days Of Grace | 1996
1116My Eyes Are Dry, by Keith Green
The Greatest Hits | 1978
1211Go Light Your World, by Kathy Troccoli
Sounds Of Heaven | 1995
1312His Love Was Reaching, by David Meece
Candle In The Rain | 1987
1414Not Too Far From Here, by Hilary Weeks
Lead Me Home | 1999
1513Livin’ In The Rain, by Jeff & Sheri Easter
Life Is Great And Gettin’ Better! | 2007
1619Faith [Live], by Jason Upton
Faith | 2001
1715True Colors, by Phil Collins
...Hits | 1998
1818I’m The One, by Adam McInnis
Wherever You Are | 2008
1917It Might Be Hope, by Sara Groves
Tell Me What You Know | 2008
2020If Today Was Your Last Day, by Nickelback
Dark Horse | 2008