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Lifesongs #292b-#296b: Aug 2009

Rank This TimeRank Last TimeSong Title, by Artist
Album | Year (May be estimated)
11I Miss The Way, by Michael W. Smith
I 2 (Eye) | 1988
26Why? [Live], by Nichole Nordeman
This Mystery | 2000
35Reflection, by Christina Aguilera
Mulan: An Original Walt Disney Records Soundtrack | 1998
42I Haven’t Been Myself, by John Reuben and Adrienne Camp
Professional Rapper | 2003
54My Eyes Are Dry, by Keith Green
The Greatest Hits | 1978
63Resurrection, by Nicol Sponberg
Resurrection | 2006
710I Will Carry Your Pain [Live], by Whisper Loud
KLTY Presents: Celebrate Freedom Live | 2000
812Someone Searching, by Ginny Owens
Without Condition | 1999
97Drifter, by DecembeRadio
109Growing Young, by Rich Mullins
The World As Best As I Remember It, Vol. 2 | 1992
118The Unwinding Cable Car, by Anberlin
Cities | 2007
1214Above It All, by Building 429
Space In Between Us | 2004
1311Cold, by Marie Miller
Marie Miller | 2006
1413This Used To Be My Playground, by Madonna
Something To Remember | 1992
1518Hold Me Jesus, by Rich Mullins
Songs | 1993
1615Don’t Look Away, by Bryan Duncan
Love Takes Time | 1995
1720Let Go, by Grey Holiday
The Glorious Revolution | 2007
1816Forgiveness, by Jim Witter
Forgiveness | 2002
1919Listen To Your Heart, by D.H.T.
Listen To Your Heart | 2005
2017The Sounds Of Silence, by Simon & Garfunkel
Simon & Garfunkel’s Greatest Hits | 1965