Anthony’s Weekly Top 50 Archives

Recurrents & "Oldies" #238b: Jul 13 - 19, 2008

Rank This TimeRank Last TimeSong Title, by Artist
Album | Year (May be estimated)
11Breathe Into Me, by RED
End Of Silence | 2006
25True Colors, by Cyndi Lauper (Also by Phil Collins [1998])
Twelve Deadly Cyns And Then Some | 1986
33Don’t Look Away, by Bryan Duncan
Love Takes Time | 1995
42Frozen, by Madonna
Ray Of Light | 1998
57This Used To Be My Playground, by Madonna
Something To Remember | 1992
66Love Takes Time, by Bryan Duncan
Mercy | 1992
74Cut, by Plumb
Chaotic Resolve | 2006
810I’m Not Alright, by Sanctus Real
The Face Of Love | 2006
98I’ll Stand By You, by The Pretenders
Last Of The Independents | 1994
109Flower In The Rain, by Jaci Velasquez
Heavenly Place | 1996
1111We, by Joy Williams
Genesis | 2005
12Growing Young, by Rich Mullins
The World As Best As I Remember It, Vol. 2 | 1992
1312This Is A Call, by Thousand Foot Krutch
Phenomenon | 2004
1416I’ll Be, by Reba McEntire
So Good Together | 2000
15I Will Wait, by Jason Upton
Faith | 2001
16The Face Of Christ, by Chris Rice
Smell The Color 9 | 2001
17Walking On Water (Surfah Girl), by Paul Wright
Sunrise To Sunset | 2005
18Walking On The Water, by Fernando Ortega
In A Welcome Field | 1991
19One Foot In The Water, by 4HIM
Walk On | 2001
20Walk On Water, by Audio Adrenaline
Bloom | 1996