Hello World!

This moment has been a long time coming — too long, in fact. Starting a WordPress blog shouldn’t take several months to do, right? Well, of course, I seem to always find a way to make things harder than they have to be…ha.

Oh, I guess I should introduce myself, eh? My name is Anthony. I’m a recent college graduate, who majored in computer information systems — hence, a part of the reason why I have the patience (or craziness, perhaps…or both) to migrate my whole previous website, Anthony’s Weekly Top 50, into a new domain and convert it to a blog format. Definitely not easy when one has years of content to deal with. What kind of content, you may ask? I’m glad you asked (at least, play along if you didn’t, ha). Music charts—that’s it. I’ve been keeping a weekly record of my favorite songs for 12 years now (8 of those online). Completely geeky or not, keeping such records is a primary way for me of keeping records of my life—a “journal”, if you will. I’d say more often than not, I could go back to a certain month any number of years back, and explain the state of my life, my thoughts, and feelings that led me to rank a certain song the way it did over time. Problem is, I haven’t done much sharing like that, ever.

Music speaks so much to me, ministering to my life, carrying me through trials and pains…or occasionally serving as such a constant reminder of them that it keeps me stuck longer than I should be, but still, that’s a testament to the power of music. I’ve written about this before; be sure to check out my longer intro, where I journey through my life thus far, as it relates to music’s influence.

I plan on writing much more from now on. One of my goals for this new site is to share periodic reflections on the songs doing well on my charts, and spotlights on up and coming new songs. Furthermore, I plan on doing occasional album reviews, as well as sharing news I come across on my favorite artists and bands. I also will feature other personal writing occasionally, such as poems that tend to come to me only in my darkest nights, but that I hope may have something to say to others, maybe even you.

Sure, I have lofty goals for this site, but I don’t want this to be entirely about me, me, me. Most of all, I want to invite community. Do you love music as much as I do? Do you have comments on charting songs, or songs/albums you recommend? Suggestions on albums I should review or new bands I should check out? Or maybe you are a singer or band that happened to wander into my little corner of the Web—if so, great! I’d love to hear from you all, whoever you are and whatever you have to say. Of course, I won’t tolerate spam, however (please refer to my commenting policy.) That aside, I hope you enjoy your time here. Be sure to check back regularly!

Take care and God bless, Anthony