My Chance Meeting with the One and Only Lindsey Stirling

If you don’t know who Lindsey Stirling is, then drop what you’re doing right now (yeah, including reading this blog post, ha) and check out her YouTube channel. Play any one of her videos, such as “Crystallize”, “Elements”, or “Transcendence”, and then dare to tell me you’re not impressed!

A widely-varied musical elf, Stirling infuses modern classical violin with elements of dubstep, hip-hop, and rock, with unbelievably epic results. She also lends her vibrant personality to covers of videogame, movie, and Broadway musical soundtracks, as well as to hit collaborations with other YouTube stars as Peter Hollens, Tyler Ward, and most recently, Pentatonix.

Lindsey has made such a huge impression on me so quickly, with not only her musical prowess, but her genuine personality as well. What other music artist you know of, does periodic vlogs, even live chats, that show fans what day-to-day life is like as a touring musician? Probably not many, but Lindsey sure does endear herself to fans and newcomers alike with her second YouTube channel that does exactly that. She is such a fun, creative spark, who has taken my charts by storm ever since the record #1 debut of her take on Christmas classic “What Child Is This” on my Top 50 back in December 2012 (Chart #468). Since then, nine of her songs have made their mark on my Top 50 and Top 20 Lifesongs charts, including three that have peaked at #1 (with a fourth coming very soon, if “Song Of The Caged Bird” knocks “Crystallize” off its perch on my Top 50; “Transcendence” is currently sitting at #1 on my Top 20 Lifesongs).

In the decade-long history of my charts, no one else has ever amassed such popularity so quickly. And no one has inspired me quite as much, either. I mean, despite my being familiar with so much music, I rarely feel inspired to venture out to a concert or other music-related event. I’m the shy type that’s usually content enough with jamming out to music in the comfort of his home, ha. However, Stirling quickly became somebody I needed to experience live, and through a huge stroke of luck blessing, it happened last month!

Me with Lindsey Stirling

Pictured above is a memento of my evening on February 17, 2013, where I got to meet and speak to Lindsey at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Roswell, GA. This almost didn’t happen! The previous night, she performed at The Masquerade venue in Atlanta, and I couldn’t make it, because tickets had sold out long before I decided “Okay, she’s someone I want to see live!” Initially bummed out, I resigned myself to the apparent fact that I’d have to wait six months to a year or longer before she’d come anywhere close to Georgia again. However, the following morning, I found out from the “Stirlingites” official Facebook group, as well as Lindsey’s Twitter feed, that she was sticking around in GA one more day, to give a motivational speech. What a surprise! I knew I wasn’t going to miss that for the world.

That night, I drove myself to the church, a likely adventure in itself since I’d be showing up alone to a church new to me, belonging to a faith I’m neither part of nor significantly familiar with (Mormonism). Fortunately, I didn’t feel like an outsider for long, as one family befriended me and beckoned me to sit next to them in the sanctuary where Lindsey was due to speak. In time, Lindsey took the stage, and delivered a powerful life testimony, relating it to a few of her songs, “Song Of The Caged Bird”, “Transcendence”, and “Crystallize”. The experience was something magical for me, especially since I love hearing stories behind songs—in this case, I got to hear the performer speak in person! You don’t get to experience that every day now, do you? This was such a special night that I won’t soon forget. I dare say, I likely enjoyed it more than I would’ve enjoyed the Masquerade concert, ha. At the least, I know the concert performance would not have been anywhere near as intimate. Still, I will make it to a real tour performance someday! VIP all the way, too

Feel free to check out the clip of “Crystallize” below, that I took from the motivational speech event, and be sure to check out her debut album as well! I will be giving that my glowing review in the coming weeks. She’s definitely earned a special place in my music library, my heart, and heck—my whole life. Look for her to top my year-end Top 100 at the end of 2013—that’s practically a given by now, the way her songs are faring on my charts.

So now, it’s your turn to speak! Are you a fan of Lindsey Stirling? What is your favorite song of hers? Sound off in the comments below!

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