Chart #500 Special: Top 500 Of All Songs, 2004–2013

Collage of albums on my Top 500

Isn’t it wonderful? It’s a montage of albums whose songs make an appearance on my Top 500.

It’s been way too long since I’ve made any blog updates. Bug fixes aplenty, other backend work for this site, side projects, freelance work, and more, have all kept me busy. Some days, I just don’t know where the time goes! However, I’m definitely not neglecting site updates. I hope to get things rolling here fairly soon, with more updates, and more album reviews and artist features. Plus, I want to finally get around to charting my favorite songs of my childhood and the songs most meaningful to me in the past decade or so. Soon enough, I will get around to that!

Next year will make for 10 years that I’ve been charting my favorite music online, so, that may be the milestone I finally aim for. December this year will also make for 10 years that I’ve been listening to Christian music. So, in the run up to that anniversary, I plan on finally getting my Top 125 Favorite Songs Of My Childhood (or whatever I choose to title it, ha) up and off the ground.

I swear, I’ve had at least some idea of doing these charts since 2010 now, and I’ve kept on being delayed from carrying out the ideas to completion, for one reason or another. Have you ever had some goal (major or minor) take you much longer to carry out than you imagined it would? I’m pretty sure we all have. Still, I’d love to hear your stories if you have any!

In the meantime, I have actually completed a small part of my charting ideas! In time for my 500th chart week (okay, so I’m technically a week or two late on this, haha), I’ve compiled a special chart, my Top 500 Of All Songs, 2004-2013. This is my Top 500 out of all songs charting on either or both of my regular Top 50 or Top 20 Lifesongs charts, the first special to ever merge data from both weekly charts. This is primarily a stats chart—there is no song commentary this time (but I do plan on incorporating commentary in the other two anniversary specials later this year and next year).

As a companion to the Top 500, plus a first-time experiment with Spotify®, I’ve created a playlist counting down the songs (also embedded at the end of the post) for your listening enjoyment. Unfortunately, 41 of the songs are missing. Additionally, I had to use alternate versions for 9 songs, and, I intentionally omitted 5 secular songs for explicit lyrics. (I swear, the garbage that flies over your head when you’re young…) The affected songs are as follows:

Songs Absent On Spotify

  • #487: Groundhog Day, by Heath McNease
  • #441: The Right Time, by Warren Barfield
  • #407: Wrong And Right, by We As Human
  • #397: Simple Days, by B.Reith
  • #394: River Flows In You, by Lindsey Stirling
  • #384: They Don’t Understand, by Sawyer Brown
  • #365: I Want To Know What Love Is, by Wynonna Judd
  • #359: We Found Love, by Lindsey Stirling
  • #357: History, by Matthew West
  • #350: I Cry, by The Becoming
  • #346: Don’t Give Up On Your Love, by Elizabeth South
  • #331: Receive, by Calvin Nowell
  • #324: Forgiveness, by Jim Witter
  • #306: Masquerade, by The Alumni
  • #297: With This Ring, by Kenny Loggins
  • #296: Death Of Dumbledore, by Jon Schmidt
  • #293: Not Too Far From Here, by Hilary Weeks
  • #280: Let It Go, by Mandy Gawley
  • #277: Why, by Jadakiss with Anthony Hamilton
  • #259: Memories Of Mother, by Jack Lenz
  • #232: In The Silence, by Jason Upton
  • #206: Holy Spirit, by Nate Sallie
  • #195: You Think, by Jenny & Tyler
  • #183: Open My Eyes, by Jeff Anderson
  • #173: Miracle, by John David Webster
  • #166: Cold, by Marie Miller
  • #163: Dare 2 B Different, by DeGarmo & Key
  • #157: Thorns In The Straw, by The Kings Chamber Orchestra
  • #152: Never Far Behind, by Aly & AJ
  • #141: Next Thing You Know, by Matthew West
  • #113: What Child Is This, by Lindsey Stirling
  • #105: Adagio In C Minor, by Yanni
  • #89: I Don’t Belong Here, by Ali Cooper
  • #79: The Gift, by Aselin Debison
  • #69: Lone Ranger, by Nate Sallie
  • #47: Miss You, by Aaliyah
  • #42: I Haven’t Been Myself, by John Reuben and Adrienne Camp
  • #36: Waiting For The Day, by Naomi Carroll
  • #33: Who Will Cry For Me?, by Kate Miner
  • #19: Wings, by Alberto and Kimberly Rivera
  • #18: You Know Where To Find Me, by Matthew West

Songs With Substitutions

  • #488: Only Grace, by Matthew West
  • #439: Only Time (Remix), by Enya
  • #428: Put Your Love Glasses On, by Beckah Shae
  • #415: No More No Less, by MercyMe
  • #323: I Will Carry Your Pain, by Whisper Loud
  • #196: Everything And More, by StorySide:B
  • #67: The Last Night, by Skillet
  • #29: More, by Matthew West
  • #7: The Motions (Acoustic), by Matthew West

Songs I Omitted

  • #457: Hotel, by Cassidy with R. Kelly
  • #342: Get Low, by , by Lil’ Jon & The EastSide Boyz
  • #249: Shake Ya Tailfeather , by Nelly and P. Diddy with Murphy Lee
  • #236: Excuse Me, Miss, by Jay-Z
  • #227: Right Thurr, by Chingy

The good news is, on the chart page (where I also link to individual Spotify tracks or other audio/video samples), the tracks with substitutions in the Spotify playlist, and nearly all of the missing songs, have links to the correct audio.

I think it’s fascinating, how my music tastes have evolved since Chart #1 way back in January 2004 (and even more so since 2000, which was when I first really got into music at all). I hope you enjoy taking a look back at my favorites over the years, as much as I enjoyed creating the chart! What are or were your favorites from the ones I charted? Sound off in the comments below!