Technologies Used To Generate Or Display Webpages

HTML5 with embedded PHP, makes up the structure of my site. This HTML is served up by my CMS, WordPress. However, my weekly charts, stats, and lyrics and media listings are first generated from XML and transformed into static HTML files with XSL, before being imported/displayed by WordPress.

Site Styling

CSS styles the site’s appearance. I especially make use of some of the latest CSS3 features, such as rounded borders, text-shadows, box-shadows, background gradients, and the like. I also employ SVG for a few of the more complex gradients, as well as for all gradients in Internet Explorer 9, which has no support for CSS3 gradients. For the best appearance, use the latest version of your browser, if possible (and see my browser support page for more details.)

Site Theme

I started off using the minimalist H5 WordPress theme, since I wanted something I’d be easily able to customize, and I’ve definitely customized it. I may as well consider my site’s theme to be a custom one, because there’s virtually no trace of the original left.

Content Behaviors

JavaScript enhances some content functionality. For example, the underlined letters in the top navigation, indicating available accesskeys, are provided by JavaScript. Another example is the “fuzzy” times seen throughout, e.g., “2 days ago” instead of “Dec 2, 2020”. See the list of specific scripts in effect on my site below.

Fonts In Use

Site-wide Scripts And Other Special Features In Use