Further Info On Browser Support

Ideally, all browsers would render Web pages correctly, but they don’t so far, and with so many browsers existing, supporting all of them would simply be unfeasible. I try to support the major ones, however, as well as some of the lesser-known ones that are based on the rendering engines of the major browsers. In the below table is information about supported versions of different browsers. Generally speaking, more recent browser versions better support my site, “better” meaning, for example,

With that all aside, I suggest, at the least, using the latest version of whatever browser you're already using, if possible, and not just because it’s “better” at supporting my site. More recent browsers are generally also safer and not as prone to security problems, as older ones are.

Browser NameMinimum Supported VersionVersions I’ll Support No More, By January 2014Best Version(s)
Page last updated July 2, 2013. Browser support subject to change at any time. Note that browsers below the “Minimum Supported Version” don’t receive full support; they may only receive a “lo-fi” mode with basic styling.
Google Chrome10.026.0+
Internet Explorer8.010.0
IE with Chrome Frame6.0
Mozilla Firefox10.015.0-16.0+
Apple Safari (Mac/iOS only)5.16.0

Does something not look or function correctly in your browser? If so, please feel free to let me know, making sure to include your browser name, version, and operating system. Also, please make sure you’re using a supported browser version. However, if you’re using a specialty browser (such as Maxthon), for instance, then I am curious to know about any issues. I just don’t have the time to evaluate lesser-known browsers, unless the need arises.

Furthermore, while I have made efforts to accommodate mobile browsers, I’ve not been able to properly test on any mobile device yet. So, if something looks way off on a mobile browser, I’d definitely like to know about it. The same goes for Mac and Linux browsers. While every major browser I’ve tested (excluding Internet Explorer on both and Safari on Linux) is available on both systems, as well as few spinoffs based on any of those major browsers (such as Firefox’s Gecko-based Camino), I do know rendering differences are likely between Windows, Mac, and Linux versions of the same browsers. So, again, if something looks off, I’d like to know about it. Thanks!