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A self-portraitA rare photo in the wild…of course, “wild” only meaning out on the Web, not out in a jungle or whatever, haha. Exhibit A — a specimen of a cool, calm, collected me. Probably not too collectible.

In a nod to one of my favorite singers, Brandon Heath, let me say, I’m not who I was. Wait and see, and you’ll know what I mean. See, love never fails. Not when the One who gives the Light, refuses to quit pursuing me, and you, and every one of His children. I may just be a simple man, but I pray you listen up. I could be content just staying in the background, keeping quiet, never speaking boldly. In fact, I’ve done that most of my life. But now, I don’t get comfortable, or at least, I try not to so much. To let silence define my life is so easy, me being naturally shy and all. Few ever hear my story — few, ever get to truly know me. While I’m grateful for the friends I’ve made along the way, I know I could always do more; we all can.

What inspires you? Music is one huge source of inspiration for me. Over the years, so many songs have impacted my life story, in ways I never really get to share. Each week, I chart a snapshot of my life in the form of a list of favorite songs, each song telling a little part of my story at that point in time. But, what is that story? In time, I will share. And in time, I hope to hear some of your stories, too. However you found me, wherever you come from, whoever you are, I am glad you’ve stopped by here. Please feel free to look around, and come back regularly if you can, for I update weekly (or try my best to, at least). Take care and God bless, friend!

In Christ, Anthony

About My Site

I began with a small home page and links to my charts on Yahoo! Geocities back in 2004, where I stayed until my first major expansion in 2007. (I shudder at the thought of having been on Geocities way back when, and using Microsoft Word to make my web pages! Ha. All that’s long in the past, however.) Over the years, I expanded my basic home page into more of a Christian music portal, featuring links to artist pages, lyrics, and song samples and videos, in addition to my charts. However, in mid-2010 (around the time I bought my first domain for the site,, I began envisioning my site as a blog format, where I would write more at length about individual songs’ impact on me (and perhaps include music reviews and the like). Of course, back then, I had no idea it would take so long for that vision to become reality.

Another self-portrait…However, in this self-inflicted shot, behold an even rarer wild side. Feel and fear my fury! Frustration from coding for fail-tastic browsers can drive anyone mad… Stupid IE bugs! Actually, every browser has felt my wrath at some point (as if they could feel anything).

It wasn’t until the end of 2011 that I finally began laying the groundwork for the new version of my site (major backend changes to my charting system). That process took longer than expected (thus setting the pace for the rest of my work, I suppose); I began the actual transition to a blog format in February 2012, a process just taking over five months to complete — way longer than I expected. I suppose this has been a learning experience — you can’t always assume you’ll meet your own expectations, and when you don’t meet them, you can’t just give up. I’ve thought many times of giving up on this project — why was I sinking so much time into this, when I could’ve set up a ready-made blog on Blogger or or anything similar in likely far less time? Well, I always prefer the challenge of setting things up myself… it’s given me good experience, even if it’s also cost me some hairs and nearly my sanity, haha.

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About My Slogan

“Crossing Music, Faith, God and Life” is one of a couple slogans in rotation, and is the first one I implemented, back in 2007. It has two key meanings, thanks to the word “Crossing”. The fact that I originally considered the word “Intersecting” should make one of the slogan’s meanings instantly clear. This site is my little outlet on the Web, bringing together my experiences of music, faith, God, and life. But what about the other meaning? It involves a less widely used meaning of “crossing”, which according to, means to make the sign of the cross (of Crucifixion) upon or over something, as in devotion. Music, faith, and life are devotional to me — I love offering them in worship and devotion to God.

Now, how about my latest slogan (or tag line, if you will)? “A token of a life once unspoken” is just a clever little saying I thought of — at least, I think it’s clever, heh. It’s a succicnt statement of newfound openness, in the wake of previous aversion to having my own blog or any other open forum for my thoughts.

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Here, I introduce myself, first in the form of some quick statistics and then in longer writings linked to at the end.

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